Lackluster is Esa Ruoho.

13/10/99 mp3 released on monotonik -
here's a quote from the friendly mono people:

  "- - layers and layers of pure sinewaves drifting over the top, and echo after echo symbolising the wind drifting icily over the ships in Helsinki harbour, perhaps? Pretty much a must-download."

13/10/99 music video by Pauli Ojala, released in August 2001.

Following formats are available for your downloading pleasure:

  Windows Media (10 megs, medium quality)

Quicktime 5 (24 megs, good quality)

  MPEG-1 (56 megs, good quality)
  Divx (29 megs, very good quality)

I've also got full quality PAL tapes (DV and BetaSP) - contact me if you'd like a copy!