Turtledove Kingdom is a program that creates endless random images with no input from the user. The images typically look like softly coloured landscapes - similar yet strangely unique.

The creation process is extensively randomised, so the probability of the same image occurring twice is practically zero - within the lifetime of you and me, anyway.

These images were generated by the software (click to open image in a new window):


Turtledove Kingdom is available as a screensaver (screen effect) for Mac OS X, as well as a standalone image generator application. The screensaver has options for animation, so it's not completely static when it's creating new images.

Important note about compatibility:
this screensaver was developed in 2002 for the PowerPC version of Mac OS X, so it does not work on newer Intel-based Macs (in practice, any Mac manufactured since 2006).

Download full version of screensaver (PowerPC only)