Welcome to the "broken television" art chain page!

What's an art chain? Well, you perhaps remember the children's game of "broken telephone": the participants sit in line, the first one whispers a phrase to the second person, then he whispers what he heard on to the third person, and so on until the chain is complete. Then the last person says what he heard and the first person says what the original phrase was - the fun part of course is that it has mutated into something funny along the way.

The art chain is similar in concept: first person draws a picture, passes it on to someone else who draws a picture based on it, and so on... The idea of doing a chain came up on the digital art forum at Sijun.com, so that's where the participants came from as well. This chain started on 6 April 2000 and was completed on 24 April.

Enough background - now go have a look at the chain, starting with image #1!

(And if you want to comment on the chain, there's a discussion thread about it here... Or you can mail the author of this page)