19 May 2000

Added a new painting, "Constant", to the demo scene page.

12 May 2000

Looks like ftp.scene.org and their mirrors aren't carrying animations anymore, including my Soil, so the file links on my animation page are broken. I didn't notice this before, my apologies if anyone has unsuccessfully tried to download the animation... I'll try to make the 20 meg high quality version available somewhere, but in the meantime I added a download link for a lower quality (9 meg) version that's been residing on GFX Zone - thanks to them for still carrying the file!

7 May 2000

Added a dog to the other graphics page, and a link to the art chain for which it was made - go have a look, it was a funny group project.

5 April 2000

Added two new images to the demo scene page and moved the Contour credits images to the bottom of the page. Also added a quick drawing to the other graphics page, I thought it's sort of cute..? :)

25 March 2000

Added a new image, "Prince Bruno", to the demo scene page.

15 February 2000

Added two new images: an Issue logo on the demo scene page and a Demoscene.org header graphic to the other graphics page.

2 January 2000

Added one more old handpixelled picture to demo scene page. Happy new year!

25 December 1999

Added link to Sunray disk magazine on demo scene page, now that the mag is released.

16 December 1999

Pages created.

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Last updated 19 May 2000.
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